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Galvanizing Fluxes

HCI-Water Flux (Pre-Flux)

We offer a wide range of galvanizing flux, it is formulated for high-speed, low fuming and negligible ash for strong and uniform zinc coats. Flux is a generation of high-quality, adherent galvanized coating which minimizes wastage and gives a low smoke. It can be purchased in solid and liquid form, and is used in the coating of tubes, pipes, wires, fencing and small parts such as nuts and bolts.
We customize fluxes to suit specific requirements for galvanizing of towers, structures, high mast and strips. We also provide nickel based salts of fluxes.

HCI-Nickel Based Water Flux

Our nickel-based flux in zinc baths brings smoothness and brightness to the coating, and reduces dross generation. We have added nickel in water flux for its quick reaction with molten zinc, enhancing the quality of the flux; it also gives a bright finish to the galvanized metal.

HCI-Blanket Flux (Cover Flux)

Our flux is a fusion of salts and special additives which gives a thick form on molten zinc and does not allow it to react with air for a long period of time.