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About Us

We, Haryana Chemical Industries, take pride in establishing ourselves as one of India’s distinguished enterprises engaged as a manufacturer, exporter and Importer of Chemicals. The products include Zinc Chloride, Galvanizing Chemicals, Zinc Dust & Powder, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Chloride. Today, we are a leader in supplying a diversified range of quality products and are committed to maintain that position. Our sole objective is to serve our customers and meet their requirements by offering quality products and world class services. We are driven by the motto to create a great lineage in manufacturing and exporting the best quality chemicals for Industrial & Pharmaceutical Raw Materials. Chemicals have crucial importance in the manufacturing and processing of many products like international standard all grades of Zinc Chloride & Galvanizing Chemicals. Haryana Chemical Industries is a manufacturer of both specialty and basic Chemicals with wide application and world-wide sales. We offer standard products and custom formulations, manufactured with a commitment to total Quality management. Strategically located in Bahadurgarh, we are within minutes of several major interstate highways. We have railroad access and loading facilities for big shipments